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Three-day cultural and heritage tour of sarajevo and sutjeska national park

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10 Days
Group Size:
8 persons
Sutjeska National Park
Tour Type:
Sightseeing & Culture and Heritage


Join us on an interesting walk through the city and learn more about the history, architecture, tradition, and nature of Bosnia itself. Discover and experience Sarajevo through our eyes, which will bring the past and present to life for you.
Centuries of multiculturalism have led to the creation of a unique, rich, and enchanting cultural mix in Sarajevo, which like a magnet attracts visitors from all over the world. The population of the area where Sarajevo lies is evidenced by numerous traces left behind by the Neolithic Butmir civilization, the Illyrians, the Romans, the medieval Slavic states, and the Ottoman Empire. Ever since its foundation in 1460, Sarajevo has been constantly expanding to this day. Full of historical and cultural sights from different eras, Sarajevo will delight you with its views, locations, hospitality, and delicacies.
The urban core of Sarajevo was conceived with the construction of the Emperor’s Mosque and the city districts on the left bank of the Miljacka River, while Baščaršija is located on the right.
Baščaršija was the largest commercial center of the central Balkans, and today it is the historical heart of the city, where, in addition to numerous sights, it is also the epicenter of traditional craft production and gastronomic offer.

• Cultural and educational tour
• City of multiculturalism and different religions
• Spirit of the Orient
• Sahat kula – The only public lunar clock in the world.
• Historical meeting of cultures
• Stećci – stone tombstones; masterpieces of medieval art
• Numerous museums
• Baščaršija – the soul and heart of the city
• Ferhadija, take a walk through the history of Sarajevo
• Latin bridge on the song Miljacka
• Get to know the Town Hall, a world symbol of the meeting of civilizations.
• Natural monument: Vrelo Bosne
• A national park surrounded by spectacular views and rich nature


Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Personal expenses
Tips for the driver
Tips for the guide
Museum tickets and similar

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Day 1
Baščaršija, the tour of the city, and historical sights
Baščaršija, the tour of the city, and historical sights
Planned arrival in Sarajevo in the morning hours from Cazin After accommodation, we visit Baščaršija, which is also the gastronomic center of Sarajevo, and it is there that you will find Sarajevo’s most famous aščinica, buregdžinica, cevabdžinica… Drinking homemade coffee from a fildžan with rahatluk while looking at Sebilj is something you should not skip, and the cevapi at Želja or in kebabs special is another. Baščaršija is also home to two of Sarajevo’s remaining covered bazaars, Gazi Husrev-begov and Brusa bezistan, as well as the shops of famous Sarajevo craftsmen, Morić and Kolobara han. The most important buildings are the Sebilj wooden fountain, and the Baščaršija and Gazi Husrev-bey mosques, madrasa and library. Near the Gazi Husrev Bey Mosque, you will notice a tower about thirty meters high. The clock tower has always shown the time of prayer. This clock tower is different because it has the only public clock in the world that measures time lunarly, that is, according to the moon. The mechanism was acquired in London, and there are only two such mechanisms in the world: in Big Ben in London and the Clock Tower in Sarajevo. We head towards the Sarajevo City Hall building, which is not only an architectural masterpiece but also a witness to the historical drama that took place in Sarajevo from the end of the 19th to the beginning of the 21st century. Note: Entrance to the Town Hall is charged 10 KM, and is not included in the price of the package. We will visit Sarajevo’s most famous promenade, the Ferhadija. Walking around Ferhadija, you will see buildings from the Turkish or Austro-Hungarian rule, all the way to more modern buildings, all with the buzz of the always-lively street, full of travelers and locals. At a short distance of only a few hundred meters, there is a synagogue, a cathedral, an Orthodox church, and a mosque, and they can only be seen so close in this city. Finally, get to know the Eternal Fire, one of Sarajevo’s most famous monuments. We bring the tour to an end with a walk along the Latin Bridge. Optional: vibrant nightlife or city walk Included meals: lunch and dinner Accommodation: Hotel Boutique 36
Day 2
Visit Sutjeska National Park, see the last rainforest in Europe
Visit Sutjeska National Park, see the last rainforest in Europe
After breakfast, we will spend the day visiting the Sutjeska National Park, which is located about two and a half hours from Sarajevo. Sutjeska National Park is the oldest and largest national park in Bosnia and Herzegovina and is home to the last rainforest in Europe. Also, the highest peak in the entire country, Mount Maglic 2, 386 meters or 7,830 feet, is located within the national park. Sutjeska is known to the general public as the place where the Battle of Sutjeska took place in 1943 during World War 2. Enjoy the rich nature, spectacular views, and fresh air of the park itself. Return to Sarajevo late afternoon. Note: The entrance fee for Sutjeska National Park is 5 KM and is not included in the price of the package. Optional: nightlife or city walk Included meals: breakfast and dinner Accommodation: Hotel Boutique 36
Day 3
Yellow and White tabija, stećci (monumental medieval tombstones), museums and Vrelo Bosne, return to Cazin
Yellow and White tabija, stećci (monumental medieval tombstones), museums and Vrelo Bosne, return to Cazin
After breakfast, we will visit Baščaršija to wake up with local traditional coffee and treats.We continue the day with a tour of the Yellow and White tabia. Bijela and Zuta tabija represent fortifications on the hills above Sarajevo, from which there is an excellent view of the entire city. Between the tabies is the famous Jajce barracks, which is located in a dominant position above Sarajevo, so that it is visible from every part of the city.We continue with tours of stećaks, the most famous of which is the Zgošćanski stećak, which was discovered in the vicinity of Kakanj and today is located in the garden of the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo. The largest number of stećaks, around 70,000, are located in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We continue our tour of museums, such as the History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the National Museum, the Museum of Sarajevo, the Museum of Wartime Childhood, and the like. Note: Museum ticket prices are not included in the package price. We bring the tour to an end with a visit to Vrelo Bosna.The natural monument Vrelo Bosne, which covers an area of 603 hectares, is located at the foot of the Igman mountain, in the village of Ilidža, about 15 kilometers from the center of Sarajevo.This excursion site is fenced and decorated – there are benches, covered rest areas, and a playground for children, and in the central part of the complex there is a restaurant where the specialty is freshly caught river trout. Planned departure from Sarajevo in the early evening. Included meals: breakfast and lunch.

FAQs about
Three-day cultural and heritage tour of sarajevo and sutjeska national park

1.When and where does the tour start and ends?

The tour starts and finishes in Sarajevo International Airport. Additionally, there is an option to arrange organized transport from either Zagreb or Banja Luka International Airport for an additional cost. Feel free to get in touch with us via email at info@explore-bosnia.com or reach us on WhatsApp at +387 60 305 6493 (English Help) to organize transportation or for any additional trip extensions.

2. Is airport transfers included in the price of this tour?

The price of this tour includes transfers to and from Sarajevo International Airport.

3. Can I book as a solo traveler?

Yes, you can. A considerable portion of our fellow travelers are traveling alone.

4. Can I join the group from a location other than the starting point location?

Yes, if you happen to come across a more suitable arrival destination, feel free to reach out to our team. We'll be more than happy to assist you in finding the most optimal way for you to join our departure.

5. What currency should I use while in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

While some places do accept EUR, please make sure to have local Bosnia and Herzegovina currency, Bosnian convertible marks (BAM).

6. Can I book a private customized trip based on this one?

Yes, that is possible. Our expertise lies in creating personalized travel experiences. Please reach out to our team and share your preferences. We would be delighted to assist you and provide some incredible options based on your requirements.

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