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Four-day visit to the city on the Neretva – Mostar

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Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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10 Days
Group Size:
8 persons
Tour Type:
City Tours


Bosnia and Herzegovina is a unique country with a magical mixture of European and Ottoman Empire culture. A unique combination of tradition, religion, and architecture that is reflected in all segments of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mostar is one of the most beautiful cities not only in Bosnia and Herzegovina but also in Europe. The famous Old Bridge, jumpers from the Old Bridge into the Neretva River, the world jumping championship, an Ottoman-style bazaar with shops selling handmade products, restaurants serving traditional Herzegovinian cuisine, and a vibrant nightlife are all reasons to visit. Come and see for yourself why Mostar is called the very heart of Herzegovina.


– Experience the charm of Herzegovina.
– Sample local delicacies, wines, and, of course, sljivovica (a locally produced organic alcoholic beverage).
– Enjoy a boat ride on the emerald beauty of the Neretva River 
– Visit the pearl of Herzegovina, Blagaj, and learn about its history.
– Take a walk through the beautiful markets of the old city.
– Have a zipline adventure.
– From Prenj Mountain, take in breathtaking views of lakes and rivers.


All accommodation
All breakfasts, three lunches
Transfers for group to and from the starting point
A boat ride
Travel insurance
Guide Gratuity
Driver Gratuity
Zip Line experience

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Day 1
Arrival, accommodation in an apartment, lunch and a tour of the city center and a boat ride on the Neretva
Arrival, accommodation in an apartment, lunch and a tour of the city center and a boat ride on the Neretva
Arrival in Mostar in the afternoon hours. Accommodation in the Solis apartment, Trbonje Brothers Street 6, the best-rated place in Mostar. The Old Bridge in Mostar is 1.1 km away, and the Old Market Kojundiluk is 850 meters away. meters away. After settling in the apartment, the lunch will be served at the Labirint restaurant. This restaurant offers a wide selection of local and international dishes, seafood specialties, grilled dishes, as well as a rich selection of wines. You can enjoy desserts, ice creams, and a wide range of refreshing cocktails and drinks. The biggest advantage of this restaurant, in addition to its rich cuisine, is its proximity to the old bridge. With lunch, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the protected cultural monument. After lunch, a tour of the city center and markets with a wide selection of things to buy. Then, beneath the old bridge, a boat ride on the Neretva.The wind in your hair, the smell of the Neretva and adrenaline rides offer unforgettable moments.
Day 2
Tour of Blagaj and Fortica , Optional Zip Line experience, walk on glass bridge
Tour of Blagaj and Fortica , Optional Zip Line experience, walk on glass bridge
We start the second day with breakfast at the Urban restaurant, which is located in the heart of the old part of the city. The friendly staff offers pleasant food service, and the garden offers an unforgettable view of the old bridge. After breakfast, departure to Blagaj, which is 12 km to the southeast, and the car ride takes 15 minutes. Blagaj, the pearl of Herzegovina, today represents an old town that was built back in the Roman Empire. In the surroundings, there is the house of Velagić, style of Ottoman architecture from the 17th century, the mosque of Sultan Sulejman, the Karađozbeg Bridge on the Buna River, and the Hamam, which was constructed between the 16th and 17th centuries.On the right bank of the river, in a beautiful scenario that only nature can realize, is Tekija, a dervish house from the 16th century, which seems to be floating between rocks and water. After enjoying Vrela Buna and Tekija, we will visit the family restaurant and boarding house Most.. Located in the very center of Blagaj, surrounded by greenery and flowers that provide a real atmosphere for the eyes. Return in the afternoon, rest in the apartment. Then going to Fortica, a hill above Mostar, from which you can see the whole city. A wonderful place that travelers should not ignore. In this place, you can experience the unforgettable experience of going down a 1,000-meter long zipline. There are two cables 580 and 430 meters long, which connect two heights above Mostar, and there is also a children’s zipline lengths of 20 and 50 meters. All users have protective equipment from the world’s top manufacturers. Before they descend, they will receive a brief training in the use of the equipment. The maximum speed achieved during the descent is 90 km per hour. In addition to descending, at Fortica you can also experience a wonderful sunset on the glass bridge, along with taking photos, with which you can create unforgettable memories. Return to the center itself, and have dinner at the Babilon restaurant (at your own expense).
Day 3
Hike to Prenj Mountain
Hike to Prenj Mountain
After a prepared breakfast, hiking is planned for the third day. Our location is the mountain Prenj. It is located at an altitude of 2,115 meters (6,940 feet). It is one of the most beautiful mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is surrounded by natural and artificial lakes with amazing views and splendid nature. The highest peak of Prenje is Zelena Glava, whose height is 2,155 meters (7,070 feet). Expected return to the apartment in the late afternoon.
Day 4
Planned departure from Mostar after breakfast at Labirint restaurant.

FAQs about
Four-day visit to the city on the Neretva – Mostar

1.When and where does the tour start and ends?

The tour starts and finishes in Sarajevo International Airport. Additionally, there is an option to arrange organized transport from either Zagreb or Banja Luka International Airport for an additional cost. Feel free to get in touch with us via email at info@explore-bosnia.com or reach us on WhatsApp at +387 60 305 6493 (English Help) to organize transportation or for any additional trip extensions.

2. Is airport transfers included in the price of this tour?

The price of this tour includes transfers to and from Sarajevo International Airport.

3. Can I book as a solo traveler?

Yes, you can. A considerable portion of our fellow travelers are traveling alone.

4. Can I join the group from a location other than the starting point location?

Yes, if you happen to come across a more suitable arrival destination, feel free to reach out to our team. We'll be more than happy to assist you in finding the most optimal way for you to join our departure.

5. What currency should I use while in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

While some places do accept EUR, please make sure to have local Bosnia and Herzegovina currency, Bosnian convertible marks (BAM).

6. Can I book a private customized trip based on this one?

Yes, that is possible. Our expertise lies in creating personalized travel experiences. Please reach out to our team and share your preferences. We would be delighted to assist you and provide some incredible options based on your requirements.

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