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Explore Cazinska Krajina: Chestnut's Adventure

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Cazin, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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6 Days
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8 persons
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Signature Experience


The northwestern region of Bosnia and Herzegovina, known as Cazinska Krajina, is a paradis for chestnut lovers.

This area is known for extremely high quality chestnuts, honey and a number of other chestnut products.

Chestnuts play a major role in the Cazin culinary scene.

Here are some wonderful chestnut-based delicacies that you can enjoy:

 1. Cazin's chestnut cake (Kestenova torta): Moist cake made of ground chestnuts, honey and a little cinnamon. It is often served during festive occasions and pairs well with a cup of locally brewed coffee.

 2. Roasted chestnuts (Pečeni kesteni): Street vendors and cozy cafes offer freshly roasted chestnuts during the colder months. A warm, nutty aroma fills the air, beckoning passers-by to enjoy this simple yet delectable snack.

3. Chestnut jam (Chestnut marmalade): Imagine spreading a spoonful of velvety chestnut jam on warm bread. It is a sweet preserve that evokes the essence of Cazin chestnuts.

 4. Chestnut liqueur (Kestenova rakija): For those looking for a lively experience, try the local chestnut liqueur. It is made by steeping chestnuts with brandy, resulting in a rich, aromatic drink.

Join us on an authentic adventure in the heart of chestnut country as you explore Cazin's culinary heritage and locales.

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Organized transportation from and to the airport, as well as all sites included in this tour.
Hotel accommodations with breakfast
Guided Tour with tour guide
Tasting and sampling Chesnut products noted in the tour description
Tip for local signature experience host
Personal expenses
Travelers insurance

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Day 1
Dolazak u Cazin
Dolazak u Cazin
Day 1: Arrival in Cazin Morning: Arrive in Zagreb, where our friendly guide will greet you.
Hop on our comfortable transport as we head toward Cazin.
Afternoon: Check in at our cozy hotel nestled amidst chestnut groves. 288 / 5,000 1. dan: Dolazak u Cazin Jutro: Dolazak u Zagreb, gdje će vas dočekati naš prijateljski vodič.
Uskočite u naš udoban prijevoz dok krećemo prema Cazinu.
Poslijepodne: Prijava u naš udoban hotel smješten usred kestenovih šumaraka.
Lagano prošetajte i udahnite svjež zrak.
Day 2
Hiking through the chestnut forest
Hiking through the chestnut forest
Morning: Lace up your hiking boots!
Our local guide will guide you through the ancient chestnut forests.
Learn more about their history, uses and environmental importance.
Afternoon: Enjoy a picnic in the shade of a chestnut tree.
Try roasted chestnuts – the ultimate forest snack!
Day 3
Posjet pcelarskoj farmi
Posjet pcelarskoj farmi
Morning: Visit to traditional bee farm.
Meet passionate beekeepers and learn about chestnut honey production.
Afternoon: Taste rich, dark chestnut honey – the pride of Cazin Krajina.
It goes perfectly with local cheeses and warm bread.
Enjoy your meal with a wonderful chestnut liqueur.
Day 4
Kajaking na rijeci Uni
Kajaking na rijeci Uni
Morning: Grab the kayaking paddle!
Embark on a kayaking adventure down the pristine Una River.
Be amazed by the crystal clear waters and lush river banks.
Afternoon: Picnic by the river enjoying traditional Bosnian snacks and enjoying a honey cake made with – you guessed it – chestnut honey!
Day 5
Less Known Gems of Unsko Sanski Region
Less Known Gems of Unsko Sanski Region
Morning: Explore hidden gems: Traditional Bosnian Houses, Cazin’s Ottoman architecture, and Pećigrad’s medieval fortress. Afternoon: Meet locals, hear their stories, and taste regional delicacies. Don’t miss the chestnut liqueur!
Day 6
Morning: Say goodbye to Cazin Krajina.
Take home memories, a jar of chestnut honey and a newfound appreciation for this enchanting land.

FAQs about
Explore Cazinska Krajina: Chestnut's Adventure

1.When and where does the tour start and ends?

The tour starts and finishes in Cazin a city in Northwestern Bosnia and Herzegovina with included pick up and drop off from Zagreb or a nearby international airport.

2. Is airport transfers included in the price of this tour?

Yes, the price of this tour includes transfers to and from nearby airports such as Zagreb or Zadar in Croatia and Banja Luka in Bosnia and Herzegovina. f you need a transfer from Sarajevo International Airport, please feel free to get in touch with us via email at info@explore-bosnia.com or reach us on WhatsApp at +387 60 305 6493 (English Help) to organize transportation from Sarajevo for an additional fee.

3. Can I join the group from a location other than the starting point location?

Yes, if you happen to come across a more suitable arrival destination, feel free to reach out to our team. We'll be more than happy to assist you in finding the most optimal way for you to join our departure.

4. Can I book as a solo traveler?

Yes, you can. A considerable portion of our fellow travelers are traveling alone.

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